​MC Spring Musical 2018

​MC Spring Musical 2018
By: Mackenzie Walker
January 22, 2018
                With the new year underway and spring fast approaching, the time comes to announce the 2018 Marion Center Spring Musical. This year, the Marion Center Music Department will present Mary Poppins! The musical is based on the children’s’ book that was adapted into a Disney film.
            Senior McKenzie Lucas will be playing the lead role of Mary Poppins. “I’m very excited to play this role!” Lucas says with a smile. However, this isn’t her first time taking the stage, she is an active member in the choir and has participated in many theatrical productions including Shrek: The Musical, Cinderella: Enchanted, Back to the 80’s,and Annie where she played the title role of Annie.
            “One of my goals is to properly portray the character of Mary Poppins, which is going to be a challenge because of her mature personality and accent” Lucas says of her ambitions for the show. “I hope to accomplish a great last musical, being a senior, with the other great cast members.”
            Other main roles include Zack Short as Bert, Rachel Wilkins as Mrs. Banks, Liam Dicken as Mr. Banks, Allison Yeomans as Jane, and Dillon Green as Michael. The musical will be performed on March 22nd through the 24th.
https://www.marioncenterstinger.com/ Source: Marion Center Stinger