OHS Benchmark Assessments

Students in grades 3 - 8 and students in courses that require the Keystone Exam are assessed using the OHS Benchmark Assessment.  Keystone assessed courses include Algebra I, Biology, and American Literature 11.

OHS (OnHand Schools) Benchmark Assessments for Pennsylvania

The OHS Benchmark Assessments are aligned with the PA Core and have a blueprint modeled on the PSSA and Keystone exams. Equipped with standards mastery and item analysis reports, teachers can track performance on Core Standards and will be better informed on areas of strength and weakness for their students.

OHS offers 3 tests for each of the following subjects/grades: Reading: Grades 3-8 Math: Grades 1-8 a s Algebra 1, Literature, and Biology.  Each benchmark assessment features the following question types: Text Dependent Analysis, Extended Response, & Evidence Based Selected Response.

Once completed, assessment data is entered into EdInsight data warehouse system.  Teachers use reports from the system to provide critical information to guide instruction and differentiate learning based on areas of remediation. With high accuracy, teachers know which students require further instruction on which standards. OHS Benchmark Assessments allow for the ability to predict results with the flexibility to advance student achievement.

Find out more information on http://onhandschools.com/ohs-assessments